# Links to tools and related projects

# SDR Inputs/Drivers

# Analysis

# Related projects

  • ShinySDR Web remote-controllable SDR receiver application supporting multiple simultaneous hardware devices and demodulators, including rtl_433 and other decoding tools.

  • HASS addon to convert rtl433 output to mqtt

  • rtl_fl2k_433 an RX/TX prototyping tool. Aims to be a comfortable, GUI-based bridge between RTL-SDR dongles on RX side and cheap FL2K dongles on TX side. Currently, the GUI is available for Win64 only.

  • rtl_433 with Snap7 to inject weather data to industrial control system (PLC - Siemens S7-300 or compatible VIPA) coming from Weather station WH1080.

  • Domoticz rtl_433 is usable from domoticz with a quite good integration: Domoticz launch rtl_433 with no data detection (relaunch rtl_433 if so) and process csv output format. All command line arguments are usable.

  • WeeWx the weewx-sdr driver gets data from rtl_433 and feeds it into weewx. from there the data can be combined with data from other sources, displayed using any of the many weewx skins, and/or uploaded to many different web services. the first weewx-sdr release was in 2016. S.a. https://github.com/matthewwall/weewx-sdr https://github.com/weewx/weewx/wiki#skins https://github.com/weewx/weewx/wiki#uploaders